Diabetic Foot Treatment


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The main signs of diabetic foot:

  • burning sensation
  • goosebump
  • tingling, numbness of feet
  • nail damage
  • corns, deformity of feet
  • superficial ulcers

see more on our website diabetesrewind.orgof the nervous system, ischemic – development occurs due to the changed structure of large arteries, and neuroischemic – the causes are mixed.

In the process of occurrence of this syndrome, the sensitivity of the legs changes: either it completely disappears, or it rises to such limits that even the most minor injuries cause discomfort. Another sign is the weakening of the sweat glands, due to which the skin becomes vulnerable to infections.

Prevention of diabetic foot syndrome consists of correct foot care, wearing comfortable shoes, timely treatment of cracks and careful removal of corns. Also included in the prevention of procedures that help to restore the correct load on the joints and muscles.
Treatment of diabetic foot syndrome is usually carried out with medication or, in severe cases, surgery.

If there is an ulcer on the foot, the patient must remove the seal around the ulcer, reduce the load on the foot, and apply antibacterial agents before the ulcer is amputated.

During treatment, the optimal number of visits to the doctor is one per week. Hospitalization occurs if outpatient treatment fails for three months. After the ulcer has healed, it is necessary to visit the doctor once every two weeks. Visit our online pharmacy to buy drugs for your treatment.